GTC Governmental Center/County Buildings Get Security Upgrades

Some Grand Traverse County buildings–getting a much needed tech upgrade.

Last night, county commissioners voted to fund a new camera system for use in and around a number of county properties.

A local security contractor will install six cameras to start–with plans to place them throughout the Governmental Center’s main level in addition to the entrance to 911 dispatch.

Dispatch says it plans to use the camera to protect its staff.

County officials say they’re surprised something hasn’t already been done.

“I can’t believe we haven’t had it done up until this point to tell you the truth,” said 911 Deputy Director Jason Torrey. “It’s just never been aggressively pursued until now.”

The system will be able to support 128 cameras in total.

The price tag for the first six cameras, the system itself and the initial install sits around $16,000.