UPDATED: First Witnesses Called in Wexford County Murder Trial

Northern Michigan’s News Leader has a crew inside a Wexford County Courtroom, covering a murder trial from start to finish.

Eric Beauchamp is on trial for the murder of Lindsey Morgan in Buckley in August 2014.

Wednesday morning, both sides made opening arguments.

Now, the prosecution is calling its first witnesses, including a Michigan State Police detective who was part of the investigation last August and Morgan’s mother.

Beauchamp is charged with murder and many other crimes including home invasion and assault.

He’s accused of leading police on a high speed chase after the kill


“We are going to request that you do find him guilty. He’s a guilty man.”

The man accused of killing a Wexford County woman was in court for his murder trial today, and hearing witnesses for the first time.

Eric Beauchamp is accused of killing Lindsey Morgan, his former girlfriend and mother of three.

Two of those children are Beauchamp’s.

Morgan was killed at her mother’s home in Buckley last August.

Opening statements in the murder trial happening this morning in Wexford County, and testimony began.

The began with a call to 9-1-1 report a suicidal man… Eric beauchamp.

He accused of then killing Morgan, stealing a truck and leading police on a nearly 10-mile car chase.

Now more details are coming out, this time, from the families of the victim and accused killer.

9&10’s Cody Boyer was at the start of the trial and joins us live with continuing coverage on the case.


It was a tense and emotional day in the courtroom.

Both Lindsey Morgan and Eric Beauchamp’s mothers testified, talking about what led up to Lindsey’s death last August.

While the motive is unclear, attorneys on both sides agree: Beauchamp killed morgan, but disagree on possible convictions.

“There are two sides to this story,” said Bill Barnett, Beauchamp’s defense attorney as he addressed the jurors. “We want you to look at both of our sides and come up with a fair judgement verdict.”

Eric Beauchamp sat quiet throughout today’s testimony as family talked about the day Lindsey Morgan died.

“He had called and said ‘I shot lindsey,'” testified Julie Beauchamp, the defendant’s mother. “I was shocked, of course, so I went and called 911 again and I told them what he said.”

Beauchamp’s mother remembers the incident well.

She said it started with a trip to the bank that morning.

“When he came out of the bank, he said he was going to give me his money because he’s not going to need it anymore and I said, ‘What do you mean?'” Julie Beauchamp recalls. “He said, ‘Just nevermind’ but at the end of the day he said he’s not going to be here anymore and he’s not going to need that money.”

The defense says Beauchamp originally planned to commit suicide, a result, attorney Bill Barnett says, of many years of alcoholism and conflict shared by he and Morgan.

He says jealousy may have been a motive and Morgan had feelings for another man.

“Eric Beauchamp killed Lindsey Morgan, but the facts and circumstances are going to require you to reduce your verdict to the lesser charge,” Barnett said.

While the defense seeks a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, the prosecutor says this is a case of first-degree murder.

“First degree murder requires two elements, frankly, that second doesn’t,” said Anthony Badovinac, Wexford County Prosecuting Attorney. “Pre-meditation and it has to be deliberate. In other words, it can’t be spur of the moment, it can’t be accidental, it has to be intended.”

The defense says Eric Beauchamp, himself, will also testify tomorrow.

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