Boyne City Police Officer Rescues Dog From Marina

A Welsh Corgi dog dog is back home– safe and sound after falling into a Northern Michigan lake.

The dog got away from his owner, and it took quick-thinking to get him back to safety.

Buddy was running along Lake Charleviox when he slipped and fell in.

Luckily, a Boyne City Police Officer was nearby to come to the rescue.

Pat Wulff is happy to have her best friend, Buddy, back at home after he slipped and fell into Lake Charlevoix.

“He’s my best friend. He keeps me moving,” said Wulff.

Pat and Buddy were walking along the lake– when Pat slipped, dropped the leash, Buddy took off and he ended up in the water.

“The rocks were covered with snow and ice. I think he may have smelled an animal underneath the rocks — then he lost his balance and went in,” said Wulff.

Pat panicked and drove over to the Boyne City Police Department to get help.

I found the dog in the water in the marina. There are bubblers to keep the ice from forming around the docks and he was right in there,” said Officer Craig Remsberg, Boyne City Police Department. “His head was above the ice and he was swimming against the ice.”

Officer Remsberg was able to get Buddy out of the water by grabbing his leash with a long rod – used for unlocking cars.

“It was great to do that– it was easy to do, but it made me feel good to help her,” said Officer Remsberg.

“Thank heaven for Craig. He is my hero and he’s Buddy’s hero too,” said Wulff.

A police officer in Boyne City rescued a corgi after it fell into the water at the Boyne City Marina Wednesday. The marina uses bubblers to prevent ice from forming around the docks.

The officer was able to use a tool used for unlocking cars to snag the dog’s leash and pull him to the dock.

The dog’s owner says she lost her grip on the dog’s leash when she slipped and her dog ran down into the water.

The dog is now recovering at home.