Michigan DNR Reports White-Nose Syndrome Bat Deaths in Keweenaw County

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reported some bat deaths from white-nose syndrome.

Someone found the group of dead bats outside an abandoned copper mine in Keweenaw County. 

White-nose syndrome was first discovered in Michigan in late 2014 in Alpena, Dickinson, Keweenaw, Mackinac and Ontonagon counties.

The DNR says most dead bats will be found within 100 yards of openings of mines, caves and other place. The bats may travel a mile or more before dying. 

Since 2008, the disease has killed off millions of insect eating bats in 25 states and 5 Canadian provinces.

The DNR will not collect or dispose of the dead bats. People can safely dispose of the bats by using a shovel or heavy gloves and placing them in plastic trash bags. 

If you happen to find dead bats, please report it to the DNR online or call 517-336-5030.