UPDATE: Woman Accused of Murder, Child Abuse in Newborn Death Case

January 28

The woman arrested in connection to the death of a newborn has been charged with several crimes. 

Angela Alexie gave birth to a baby boy in a garage alone on December 22. Investigators say she left the baby there to die. The baby’s body was found at a recycling center on January 14. 

Alexie was charged with murder and child abuse. She asked for an attorney and was sent back to jail on a $1 million bond. 


January 27

An update on the body of a newborn found downstate.

Roseville Police say a woman has been arrested in connection to the death of the newborn.  Police say the 24-year-old woman arrested was the mother of the baby.

They also say she has three other children but lost custody of them.

The woman is expected to appear in a downstate court tomorrow.


January 26

Donations are being made to fund the burial of the baby boy found at a recycling center in Roseville about two weeks ago. Police are still working to identify the body, but employees at the morgue have named the child “Henry Alexander Macomb,” after the county’s namesake, Gen. Alexander Macomb.

Police in Roseville say they are focusing their investigation on Roscommon, Midland and Arenac counties because the child was found in recycling from those areas. 

Investigators say the newborn was one to three-days old.

As the search for the baby’s identity continues, businesses and individuals downstate have already donated a casket, headstone and cemetery plot.  Police say they want to give the little boy a proper funeral and burial.  The burial is planned downstate at Resurrection Cemetery in Clinton Township.

If you have information about the case, please call Roseville Police at 586-447-4483. If you’d like to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 800-SPEAK-UP (800-773-2587).


January 23

“The entire situation is heartbreaking.”

The investigation began after police found a body of a newborn boy, frozen at this Macomb County recycling depot on January 14.

While they could connect the dots by finding out where dumpsters came from, the police chief says the search area is still large.

“Northern lower Michigan, probably down to the Ohio border, pretty much the entire mid-state area,” said James Berlin, Roseville chief of police. “There are 34 separate locations it could have come from. We have searched the dumpster the child came from, every scrap of paper, every everything.”

Police from Roseville traced 34 recycling units like this one in Roscommon township from republic services. That way, they can expand the field to find where the child came from.

“We will and are doing whatever we can to aid in the investigation to either locate the mother or figure out what transpired here,” said Gary Hicks, the Municipal Services Manager at Republic Services.

…And a bin like this could have been used to hide the body.

“In Roscommon, you have recycling coming out of Roscommon Township through Republic, you have it coming out of Lake Township through Republic, you have it coming out of Gerrish Township through Republic,” Hicks said. “It opens up a huge area.”

The police chief hopes the community can help them find the mother of the child. He says anyone who might know any information needs to contact Roseville police immediately.

The Roseville Police Chief says investigators will be in Northern Michigan on Monday, January 26. 


The search into the identity of a newborn found dead in a downstate recycling bin is now expanding. Police believe there may be a Northern Michigan connection.

Police found the baby boy last week at a recycling center in a Detroit suburb.

After looking through the contents that came with the body — police have narrowed down the search to three counties. The baby was found in Roseville at Re-Community Recycling in Macomb County.

Now police are focusing their search in Midland, Arenac and Roscommon counties.

Cody Boyer spoke with the recycling service that connects the locations and Roseville police.

After police located the body of the baby boy downstate, they started combing through the materials around him to see where he might have came from.

The police chief says they found mail and newspapers — all labeled from Arenac, Midland and Roscommon counties — from 34 recycling units.

With the help of the staff at republic services — which is the environmental service that connects those counties and several of their townships, along with the Re-Community Recycling Center in Roseville — police were able to narrow down search area.

“The entire situation is heartbreaking,” said Gary Hicks, Municipalities Director of Republic Services. “We will and are doing whatever we can to aid in the investigation to either locate the mother or figure out what transpired here.”

Police are asking for the community’s help in locating the mother of the child.