Cadillac Police Investigating Clothing Store Break-In

A Cadillac business needs help finding whoever broke in and made a mess.

Someone broke into RJ Grant’s in downtown Cadillac between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Their main storefront was not touched but their basement where all their stock and personal items are, is in shambles.

“I feel violated, and of course the first thing you think of is why, because you can’t figure out why anyone would do anything like that. And the energy it had to take, I can’t imagine,” says Tammy Grant, owner of RJ Grant’s.

RJ Grant’s basement looks like a tornado hit, the owners discovered the mess Wednesday morning. Grant says, “The four rooms down there that all had steel doors and dead bolts on them, they had kicked them in and then proceeded to go in all of the rooms and smash nearly everything in sight.”

What’s even more surprising is how the vandals got inside. They managed to jump on top of this air conditioner, jump on the roof and break a window. Grant says, “They’re on the second story at that point, they just walked down the stairwell and then there’s another stairwell that goes to the basement which we thought would be safe being all locked up.”

Police believe several people were behind the rampage and used a baseball bat. The owner says inventory and even personal items were destroyed. “My mother’s typewriter from when she was a child smashed, it’s like why, mirrors smashed, my canning jars down there smashed,” says Grant.

Thankfully, a bolted door kept them from entering their main storefront. Now other stores are on high alert. The owner of Serendipity, Michelle Bosscher says, “We have put in security cameras in the store against what I really wanted to do because we like to think that it doesn’t happen to us in a small town, in a small community.”

This isn’t the first time RJ’s has been broken into and they hope the community will help them catch the vandals once again. Grant says, “Hopefully they’ll brag, like before and get caught.”

If you have any information, please call the Cadillac Police Department at 231-775-3491 or silent observer at 231-779-9215.