Forbush Corner Pushing On Without Founder, Help From Weather

Last year was a roller coaster season for the cross country skiing complex, Forbush Corner.

A sterling amount of snow made for a busy winter as its founder battled pancreatic cancer.

This past summer Dave Forbush lost that fight.

But that didn’t mean the end for the complex.

A group of five trustees took over to continue Dave’s legacy into its 29th season.

For three weeks in November, there was plenty of snow to get the complex up and running.

But as November left, so too did the snow and now things are wet and slushy and nowhere near good cross country conditions.

But as the five trustees and handful of volunteers wait for the season to kick off once again, they are realizing how much work Dave did by himself.

9&10’s Eric Lloyd and photojournalist Jeff Blevins sat down with one of the new trustees today and have more details.