UPDATE: Firefighters Monitor Soo Builders for Hot Spots

“Out of all the buildings, it couldn’t have been a worse building.”

The family who owns this lumberyard, around since the twenties, is devastated at what is left after a fire Wednesday night.

Crews were called to the lumber yard at Soo Builders when they found a massive fire in a wood storage area.

Firefighters are still on scene at the Chippewa County lumber yard Thursday.

9&10’s Alyssa Gambla shows us the damage and has more details.

Crews are still out here cleaning up the mess from Wednesday nights fire. You can see the wood scattered all over, its still smoldering.

Excavators are on scene digging through the wood to check for hot spots.

Fire crews say because of the way the wood is stacked and stored, it feeds a lot of oxygen and fuel to the fire.

“Lumber fires are serious because of the amount of fuel, boards siding windowpanes, plus they’re stacked so there’s a lot of air. You get a lot of heat and air and it’s very difficult to put them out,” said Sault Ste Marie firefighter Terry Heyns. 

A scene of destruction after Wednesday night’s fire. Fires are always a fear when you own a lumber yard. That fear became reality.

Owner David Cox said, “we were at home and heard fire trucks go by, looked out the window could see smoke coming from here. We drove over and it was on fire.”

He says out of all the buildings, this one was the worst that could’ve burned.

“It’s a horrible feeling. There’s a lot of these non-replaceable antique industrial tools; you can’t get them like that anymore. I’m the fourth generation working here a lot of that stuff was from my great grandpa when he started the business.”

It’s also been a tough night for those battling the fire.

“They go up hot, quick and long. You can see we will be here a while. Even cleaning up, there may be hot spots because the fire is in between hot spots — it can flare up again,” said Heyns.

Crews will be here over the next few days checking to make sure it doesn’t start back up.