CMU Approves New Athletic Complex

The Central Michigan University Board of Trustees agreed to pay for a new athletic complex.

This will be the site of the new lacrosse and soccer complex on the Mount Pleasant campus.

The $8 million stadium will host the women’s lacrosse team in their inaugural season as well as play home to the women’s soccer team.

“We’ll have a multi-use facility. We’ll play lacrosse there, we’ll also play soccer and the facility will be used for general recreation, club sports, intramurals. But a facility designed specifically for lacrosse and soccer,” said CMU Athletic Director Dave Heeke. 

CMU women’s lacrosse coach Sara Tisdale says, “A lot of student athletes love CMU, the ones that have come to visit, their parents have loved it, and they felt very safe here, and to know there’s going to be a brand new stadium that goes along with that is something that’s really awesome.”

The school will break ground in the spring to have the field ready for the fall season.