Preview: Surviving a Stroke: John McGowan’s Recovery Battle

John McGowan is a local icon. He’s spent more than 40 years bringing us important news stories, taking us to some of Northern Michigan’s favorite restaurants and of course, helping run the big show — Sports Overtime.

But he, like all of us, is human. And he learned that in one of the most difficult ways possible, when he arrived at work on September 26.

“I was slurring my words and walking funny and they told me I was going to the emergency room at Mercy. I think they thought I was having a stroke and they were absolutely right,” John said. 

John spent two days at Mercy Hospital before doctors decided to transfer him to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City. John’s stroke lasted three days and left him with no feeling on his left side.

John was left with a lot of work ahead.

Join us Tuesday, November 25 for the full story on John’s recovery after his stroke on Northern Michigan’s News Leader 9&10 News at 6:00. 

If you are interested in sending John a card or letter, please send them to ATTN: John McGowan, P.O. Box 627, Cadillac, MI 49601. We will make sure they get delivered to John. 

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