Jack’s Journal: May Peace Prevail on Earth

This all goes back to 1955 in Japan. The international peace effort was born. An off shoot of the atomic bomb and World War II. The message simple, may there be peace on Earth.

In 1985, Joe and Carol Spaulding got permission to become the only maker of the pole outside of Japan, and so it began in Leelanau County, Michigan. In 2001, the Moffat family took up the effort and now they are the original peace pole makers. And the poles are literally everywhere.

“We have one at the North Pole and the south pole. They’ve been in movies and we made 180-some of them for the Salt Lake City Olympics,” explained Peace Pole maker Dave Moffat. 

They’ve shipped them to Russia, the Pentagon, the green zone, school yards and back yards — everywhere. Made by hand of western red cedar, they are pretty tough. They come in various sizes, over 1000 languages and various colors. There even is a braille plate.

Office manager Mary Kay Moffat says, “there’s always some type of story. And what’s neat, since you can pick your own languages, you can pick from a place you’ve been. Or your nationality in your family”

Mary Kay and Dave work quietly in their Maple City shop. Making peace poles and shipping them all over the world. Hoping that each one might make a difference for someone. 

“To bring the thought of just like it says, bring the thought of peace into the world. Maybe it gives you a pause during your day to think about it,” Dave said. 

With the holiday season about to begin seems like the perfect time to contemplate the simple prayer may peace prevail on Earth.