Crawford AuSable Schools Recognized for Increased Student Achievement

Growth in student achievement at one Northern Michigan school district has caught national attention.

The Northwest Evaluation Assessment, which helps schools around the country gather data to improve, has recognized Crawford AuSable Schools in Grayling.

Superintendent Joe Powers says this stems from 2006 when the district noticed they had room for improvement. So they changed from another data system to the NWEA and they began seeing improvement in all areas.

“The biggest part of NWEA is growth data and so that was a major change in our focus as a school district was to focus on academic growth of each child versus the whole school improvement,” says Powers.

NWEA tests students in Crawford AuSable schools three times a year in English, reading, and math. The information gathered helps the district adjust curriculum and implement new programs.

Reading and writing workshops, and a trimester format were some of the things they changed as a result of the data.

Powers says the adjustments appear to be working as ACT numbers for the last several years show growth. They use ACT numbers as an end measuring stick for the district. They also have added more advanced placement classes.

The new take on education is what Powers says helped them become the focus of a case study by NWEA.

To look at the case study CLICK HERE.

9&10’s Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson spoke with the superintendent about the positive change.