Hundreds of Shoeboxes Still to be Filled for the Holidays

Great things come in small packages.

This dedicated group could use a lot of holiday help collecting those packages.

Operation Christmas Child is a project put on by the Samaritan’s Purse organization.

Nationwide, they hope to collect more than 10 million shoeboxes filled with gifts for children.

Cadillac is doing their part to collect 3,000 boxes but the recent weather is hindering that goal. “I’m excited, because I have a chance to pack this shoebox with love,” says Kay Belkowski, created a box.

Last year, those in the Cadillac area collected about 2,000 shoeboxes for kids overseas but this year they are struggling. “Well for the last 3 days, turnout has been lower than we had hoped so we really have to catch up the next couple of days, we need to do 500 boxes per day and so we hope a lot of people show up in the next couple of days, otherwise we won’t make our goal,” says Pastor Greg DuBois, First Covenant Church.

Toys, hard candy, and whatever else that can fit into this shoebox gets collected here and then the journey begins to a child in need. “And so these little shoe boxes get transported by plane and truck, even by camel and by elephant and boat and whatever it takes to get them out to these remote villages,” says Pastor Greg.

Kay says she started collecting items several months ago and tried to fill a couple boxes, but they need a lot more helping hands. “They don’t have these little flutes or combs or toothpaste and toothbrushes so we just can’t think about them as the same as we do our kids because they don’t have anything hardly,” says Belkowski.

They have 3 more days and hundreds of boxes still to fill. Belkowski says, “We bless those children with what we send them but we get the blessing too because as we pack we’re blessed.”

If you are interested in putting together a shoebox, visit Operation Christmas Child’s website and to find a drop off location. Shoeboxes will be collected until November 24th.