Mariners Remember Those Lost On Edmund Fitzgerald

A memorial is held in Traverse City to remember those who died on the Edmund Fitzgerald.

At the Great lakes Maritime Academy, a bell rings for each of the 29 who died and one more for all other mariners who lost their lives on the Great Lakes.

150 cadets from the Great Lakes Maritime Academy organized the event and were there to remember a fellow classmate, David Weiss.

“I think it speaks to the mariner time industry. The cadets back in 1975 vowed that they would not forget their fellow classmate that was lost at sea,” said John Berck, Great Lakes Maritime Academy Director of Admissions and Enrollment. “This event is so special because the cadets put this event on by themselves and they organized it top to bottom.”

The freighter held the record for the largest vessel on the Great Lakes from 1958 to 1971

It was 729 feet long.