How To Protect Your Child From Online Predators

Police say in the case where a girl was talking to a sexual predator online, her parents did exactly what they should.

But, there are other things you can do to keep your child away from sexual predators online.

“The internet is a great tool. However, it can be used like anything for very bad reasons obviously,” said Trooper Hall.

Michigan State Police Trooper Rich Hall says the internet is one of main tools sexual predators are using to target children nowadays.

“It’s easier for the offender or predator to go after the younger groups, they may not have an opportunity in person,” said Trooper Hall. “The predator can go after almost every group that they have this fetish for.”

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just a few sites where predators lurk.

He says the best thing parents can do to protect their children is to be educated on social media sites, and if you do suspect anything check your child’s online history.

“Parents should monitor their child, you don’t have to look over their shoulder, but take an interest to find out what they are doing,” said Trooper Hall.

And there are tools to help.

“There are apps out there that you can purchase as a parent to put on your child’s phone or your phone or your computer, so you will know what they are looking at,” said Trooper Hall.

He says the number one priority is safety.

“We just want to make sure all kids are safe,” said Trooper Hall.

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