Family of Injured Bull Rider Holds Local Blood Drive

Just two months ago, a bull riding accident nearly killed 17-year-old Nathan Davis.

Eight surgeries and 140 units of blood later, he’s on the road to recovery.

But now, his family is working to replace all the blood he used to help save the lives of others.

That’s why the Beaverton community came together Monday for a blood drive in Nathan’s honor.

For every donation, Michigan Blood donated $10 to Gladwin Youth Wrestling, an important program to the Davis family.

“We wouldn’t be where we are, Nathan wouldn’t be where he is today without the community, without the support, without the family, the love, the donations of every kind,” said Kathy Cassiday, Nathan’s grandma. 

“I can never thank everyone enough for what they’ve done for us,” said Dani Davis, Nathan’s sister. 

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