Sightseeing in Northern Michigan: Coveyou Scenic Farm Market

There are so many ways to enjoy the fall season across Northern Michigan. It’s the harvest season. What better place to do it, than at a farm that prides itself on produce, and has for nearly a century and a half.

We take you just south of Petoskey for today’s Sightseeing in Northern Michigan.

You may have passed it 1000 times and never stopped at what is a significant part of Northern Michigan history.

“This farm was originally homesteaded in 1874 under President Grant and of the first farms that was homesteaded in the area here.”

Coveyou Scenic Farm Market, a working farm in the same family for 140 years. And David Coveyou is doing his best to make sure it’s here to stay.

“The farm has gone through different evolutions in time. Back in the ’40s and ’50s it was growing seed potatoes or potatoes, then in the ’60s and ’70s we went into seed grain with some of the first the threshing machines with the new self propelled combines, and then over the last dozen years my wife and I have been moving to a transition farm to grow products that we can sell directly to the public.”

And that produce is something to see and taste.

“We’re growing a little over 20 acres now of USDA certified organic produce that a full line of vegetables we grow here on the farm and growing it organically with some of the best practices that really kinda bring the flavor and the taste that people are really enjoying.”

But that once inside the barn, it’s more than the produce that keeps you there.

“The view of the lake changes every day depending on the sun, the clouds, the wind on the lake, it’s absolutely a magnificent view.”

And on weekends, families can take in even more of these spectacular views on a hayride through the pumpkin patch.

“We have a hayride that I’ll put up against anybody’s hayride for scenic beauty that really goes through the rolling hills on our farm. Goes into the woods, and actually comes through some of the fields that have even more views than this far, As well as to take a wagon, pull it out to our pumpkin patch and pick any pumpkin they want and come on back.”

And it’s also the perfect time to pick up a little fall decor, one of Coveyou’s specialties.

“We grow literally thousands and thousands of garden mums and that’s one thing that our farm has been known for years is all the garden mums that we grown on the farm that allow people to truly decorate for the fall season.”

So if you’re one of those people who keeps driving by on US-131, what better time than now to stop and check this place out.

“If people could come to our farm and walk away with a sense of real peace and enjoyment of really looking through our barn door and really appreciating not only really well grown produce but the beauty of the area and the history of this farm that goes back 140 years.”

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