Family Asking for Help Healing Claus

 A Northern Michigan family is asking the community to help heal Claus.

He was hit by an ambulance while walking to a friends house during a snowstorm in February, and is still hospitalized 8 months later.  

A benefit in Emmet County will help cover some of the financial burden as he struggles with traumatic brain injuries.

Alicia Nowell, Claus’ sister, says it has been tough. 

“The air was really heavy you could tell something really bad happened. We didn’t know what to expect, we actually expected him to die from the way the doctors described it…they didn’t have any hope but they were do anything they could to give him a fighting chance.”

“I was in shock I was like… how did someone as great as him end up hurt as bad as he is? It’s unfair that such awful things happen to kind hearted people,” said Claus’ friend, Emily Barkley.

Eight months ago Claus Nowell’s life changed forever.

A serious accident caused the 20-year-old to have a traumatic brain injury.

Multiple brain surgeries and months later.. He’s taking it a step at a time.

“He’s been getting more vocal he still cant say words. We’re hoping for the best, praying for the best dreaming for the best and we’ve got a whole slew of people backing us. My family believes the more positive we stay the better recovery he will have,” said Nowell. 

“I know Claus will pull through this, but I also know he will not be the same Claus I once knew. He will be to some extent and I will be there for him through it all,” said Nowell’s friend, Jackie Searles.

“I hope he can come home soon and get back to who he is,” said Barkley.

But after months in the hospital, surgeries and rehab, the family is not only emotionally worn out — but financially drained too.

A benefit this Saturday hopes to help keep Claus on the road to recovery.

“The financial burden is ridiculous. This is a lifelong journey… at this point I mean, it’s not something done in a year or two years, it’s the rest of our lives,” said Nowell.

The benefit is this coming Saturday, Oct. 11 at the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians Government Building at  7500 Odawa Circle, Harbor Springs.

It includes a dinner and silent auction.