Northern Michigan Celebrating the Art of Drawing with Local Activities this Month

People all over the world are celebrating the art of drawing this October and they’re doing it right here in Northern Michigan too.

The Big Draw-Grand Traverse, has activities planned all month long for people of all ages to come together and draw.

It’s the first time the Grand Traverse region is taking part of this global event.

While some activities are at the Dennos, others are at local schools, and no matter where it is, all the materials are provided.

The Big Draw is for anyone and everyone.

“It’s for the community and for them to have a little fun with drawing, and also for the arts organizations in the area and to promote some of the great things were doing here in the region,” said Jason Dake, Curator of Education at The Dennos Museum Center.

The Dennos Museum Center is the primary organizer of the event.

For more information on The Big Draw click here.