Kelli Stapleton’s Ex-Husband Speaks During Her Sentencing

The ex-husband of Kelli Stapleton speaking in front of a full courtroom ton Tuesday during the second day of her sentencing hearing.

Last month, Kelli Stapleton admitted to first degree child abuse, reducing the charge from attempted murder.

Still, she faces life in prison.

Stapleton admits to trying to kill her daughter, Issy last year in Benzie County.

Police say she drove her daughter to an isolated area in Elberta, and closed them in a van with lit charcoal grills.

She says she was trying to take Issy to heaven.

Both Stapleton and Issy survived after being hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning.

“She is not stable, she is not rational not then and not now. She needed help then and she needs she needs help now more than ever,” said Matt Stapleton, Kelli’s ex-husband.

Those are words from Kelli Stapleton’s now ex-husband, Matt Stapleton as he read a statement about what his family has been through.

“I did not protect my daughter. I did not think she was in danger, but as I look back her mother was not stable and I did not insist that Kelli get help,” said Stapleton.

He says Issy’s autism broke Kelli’s heart and she gave up hope.

“On more than one occasions to me and to her closest friends, Kelli stated I just want to die. Kelli never stated that she wanted to kill Issy,” said Stapleton.

But, he says he will never be okay with what happened.

“Any rational person cannot accept this, this adds to her crazy,” said Stapleton. “People can call it PTSD, but the reality is she lost hope and had the delusion that peoples lives would be better without Issy.”

He says Issy is only alive because of a miracle.

“The only reason why my family is still standing is because of the unbelievable support of family, friends, kind strangers and this incredible community.”

The sentencing hearing will continue on Wednesday at 2pm.

Kelli is expected to make a statement, and nine and ten news will be there to bring you what she has to say.