Northern Michigan Health Professionals Talk Ebola Concerns

Concerns tonight after the the CDC announced the country’s first Ebola patient.

The patient is being treated in Dallas.

Local health professionals say the likelihood of the virus spreading to Michigan is low, but it is concerning.  

It’s scary thought to many, but doctors say to keep calm, there’s no reason to panic.

“This is the largest epidemic of Ebola we’ve ever seen globally. I don’t think we should have immediate concern with it spreading in our country because it’s hard to spread. It’s a very serious infection. In order to get it you have to come in contact with bodily fluids with someone who is sick,” said Joshua Meyerson,” Director of the Northwest Michigan Health Department.

“The general public if you’re not traveling over there or exposed to any one sick in those areas you don’t have anything to worry about,” said Patricia Dallaire, infection prevention nurse. 

Not to say that people shouldn’t worry about their health, they should just be mindful of the infection.

Hospitals and health departments say should Ebola make it’s way north they have plans in place.

“We’re ready for any Ebola patient or any infectious disease, we have preparedness plans and personal protection and health care workers also know how to use that to take care of someone with Ebola,” said Dallaire. 

And many understand it’s rare, but to be cautious.

“I’m not concerned about Ebola coming here, that being said our world is shrunk. Could someone who traveled there end up in our region and get sick? Yes, its possible so we need to be prepared and I feel health departments as hospitals are prepared,” said Meyerson.