Semi Tips, Spilling Pigs on M-37 in Newaygo County

A large semi truck filled with pigs tipped over on a busy road, causing a chaotic scene and a big clean up.

The semi truck was carrying more than 100 pigs when it overturned in Newaygo County early this afternoon.

Deputies say the driver lost control on M-37 near Foss Avenue going around a tight curve, the highway is back open after being closed for hours.

It was definitely a devastating scene just North of White Cloud today. The driver was sent to the hospital with minor injuries while agencies helped clean up the mess and corral the loose pigs. “I was just coming up here going North and all of a sudden I look and there’s the truck, There’s some hogs in the road and the truck was laying on it’s side,” says Fred Tusch, from Newaygo who was first on scene.

It was an unusual accident. The truck full of livestock tipped over, causing several large pigs to escape. Tusch says, “I won’t forget that noise, I’m telling ya, they were screaming. I don’t want to see it again, I don’t want to hear that noise again, that was pretty scary.”

The Newaygo County Undersheriff says the truck was carrying more than 100 pigs and because of the crash, many were injured and about half of them died. 

David Richmond, who lives down the street from the crash says, “It took them a long, couple hours to get all the hogs round up but I think some of them went down in the woods, they were running that way and this way and people were trying to herd them.”

The Newaygo County Road Commission says the driver was taking pigs from Valley View Pork in Walkerville to Cassopolis.

“It appears that the truck started to leave the roadway in the curve and the driver applied his brakes, skidding, and shortly after the truck overturned,” says Newaygo County Undersheriff, Brian Boyd.

Several agencies stepped in to help corral the loose pigs and take them to nearby farms. Undersheriff Boyd says, “We’ve had volunteers show up, the farm has actually sent us several livestock trailers, we’ve got probably 20 or so people trying to round up the animals.” Tusch says, “We asked if we could help and they said we got plenty of help. People come from all over trying to get the hogs in the trailers.”

The pigs that survived were taken to farms. It’s not yet clear what will be done with the ones that didn’t make it.