MedWatch: New G.I. Technology

It’s no secret that technology has make monumental changes in the medical industry.

But living in a rural area, the latest and greatest may not be anywhere close.

In today’s MedWatch, Michelle Dunaway shows us how Mercy Hospital Cadillac is trying to change that.

"See how it’s kind of getting more plump here, and that right there that’s an ulcer and that’s all in the small bowel."

Dr. Timothy Iseri, of General Surgery at Mercy, is getting a view inside a patient that used to be just a mystery.

"We are able to see parts of the bowel that we’ve never seen, that we have not been able to see before. We’re able to guide therapies that are new and advanced, and guide them specifically toward a patients problem."

And that technology, packed in a little pill, is providing a clearer, more precise picture.

"The new pill cam is HD. The prior versions could take about two pictures per second. The new one can take up to nine per second, and it can adjust it’s frame rate as it’s passing through the bowel quickly. That means more accurate diagnoses, that means tailoring the care to the patient, and finding out exactly what’s wrong and where we go next."

And if a patient is diagnosed with reflux or Barrett’s esophagus, there is the latest technology in house to treat them.

"We can to the whole treatment from diagnosis all the way to surgical treatment in the area, and they don’t have to leave. Which we hear all the time, patients say, ‘gee, going to Ann Arbor is really rough.’ Even some of our patients in the winter say, ‘gee, going to Traverse City is really rough.’"

And Dr. Iseri says for patients who have a choice, the investment should send a message.

"Shows me the dedication not only of the medical community but also the hospital. Partnering with the hospital to bring the newest and best procedures to the area. That means a lot, keeping up on the technology. People are looking, they’re doing more research, they’re doing more investigating before going to places for treatment. Again, if we can do that here, that’s great."

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