UPDATE: Student Brings Loaded Gun to Kingsley School

Parents in Grand Traverse County concerned about safety after a student brought a loaded gun to school.

Deputies say a fifth grade student had the gun in school on Monday.

The loaded pistol was found tucked in the boy’s waistband on Monday afternoon at Kingsley Middle School.

“I just wondering what happened, where it is, what kind of weapon it was,” said Charity Darling, Kingsley Middle School parent.

These are questions that raced through Charity Darling’s head on Monday evening. 

Her daughter is a student at Kingsley Middle School where the loaded 25 caliber pistol was found on Monday.

“I got the automated phone calls saying that a student had brought to their attention a weapon in the school. The officials were called and it was taken from there and everybody was safe,” said Darling.

Still, she decided to keep her daughter home from school on Tuesday.

“I didn’t know if it was still going to be safe,” said Darling.

The Grand Traverse Undersheriff says the fifth grader took the pistol from his grandfather’s house last Friday.

And multiple students saw him with the weapon.

“This student brought the firearm to the school knowingly. He had shown it to students previously,” said Grand Traverse County Undersheriff Nathan Alger.

One of those students told a teacher, who reported it to the school liaison officer.

“The building principal acted immediately. One of the school liaison officers was in the area and accompanied him to the classroom. They removed that student from the classroom, searched him and were able to secure the weapon,” said Keith Smith, Kingsley Public Schools Superintendent.

Smith says the safety of the students is their number one priority.

“Our focus has been and will continue to be making sure kids understand when they see something, say something,” said Smith.

The Sheriff’s Department is still working to find out why the boy brought the gun to school.

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