Propane Tanker Crash Closes Section of M-37 Wednesday, Victims in Fair Condition

“This corner is always a hazard in the rain,” said Theo Webber, Chief for Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department.

A crash involving a propane tanker truck closed down part of M-37 for much of the day Wednesday.

Two people, from Buckley, were taken to the hospital with injuries. They are in fair condition. The driver of the tanker was treated and released from the hospital. 

The tanker rollover happened around one this afternoon at M-37/Center Road in Mayfield Township.

“Right on the corner it’s always bad, they need to change that corner,” said Chris Finch, a resident of Mayfield Township.

Wednesday’s crash on this corner involved the propane tanker and a truck and people who live near the scene say it’s especially dangerous here in wet conditions.

“It was raining heavily right before the accident and to speculate how the accident happened I don’t know know, it appears one or the other vehicles crossed the center line,” said Chief Webber.

Because the accident involved a propane tanker ending up on its side, it caused some alarm.

“Normally up right and when a vehicle like that gets on its side and rolls over, many of the safety devices are compromised and so we were very concerned about a propane leak or a fire explosion in this case,” said Chief Webber.

Crews setup a quarter mile safe zone around the area, meaning people who live near by couldn’t go outside for safety reasons.

“We didn’t know initially the truck had just delivered its load in Traverse City, so it was empty of liquid, however it was full of vapor so still a potential hazard,” said Chief Webber.

The propane company showed up to help get the vehicle up-right and off the road in the safest way possible and at about four o’clock Wednesday afternoon M-37 re-opened.