95 Years Old and Without Arms, Gardener Keeps At It

Not many 95 year olds are out tending their own flower fields everyday.

“It keeps me going, I don’t like to sit in the house at the window and watch the traffic go by, I want to get out with them,” says 95-year old Arnold Stout.

Stout needs to be with his flowers. The fact he lost both his arms nearly 50 years ago doesn’t seem to phase him.

“I bought a brand new machine and it plugged up with me, so I stopped and shut it off. I unplugged it and I didn’t want those stalks all laying there so I grabbed an armful and threw it in the machine and, well, I went right with them, that quick,” he says.

He has just found a new way to get it done.

“I get it under my arm, got my hook on to it and I can chop weeds out like no tomorrow,” Stout says with a smile.

It’s all Arnold. He chops, he cuts, he mows and he arranges. Gladiolus are his favorite but through the summer he blooms several different plants. Just like his bulbs he will quit in the fall and be back once again next spring.

“Oh yeah, I expect to do this until I’m 100 years old.”

9&10’s Eric Lloyd met with Stout today and has more details.