Jack’s Journal: Robinson’s Scenic Gardens

If you travel US-131 north of Kalkaska, you’ve driven by and I’m sure chuckled at the pink elephant or rhino and clowns. That’s Robinson’s Scenic Gardens. It’s been in this location 41 years and been in business 61. Sally and Larry are owners and every year is different.

“You cant predict what people are gonna want. Every year it changes so you have to be ready with a lot of different things and see what takes off in the spring.”

With hundreds of molds they can and have made just about everything. Retail customers are welcome. Wholesale is the primary customer. They enjoy what they do and it’s been a family business. Now with grand kids lending a hand. 

Having been in one location for so long they hear a reoccurring comment. “It’s amazing the people that stop by here and say, I’ve been coming by for years and have wanted to stop. But the oddest thing is when my oldest son got married, his wife found a picture of her when she was little over here on the animals.”

From Virgin Mary’s to deer and elephants, they really have made it all. They will also do custom orders for folks!

“Especially with dogs and cats. People will bring me a picture and pick out an animal they like and say paint it this way. No problem, there’s no extra charge. I do it because I like the challenge.”

If you’ve got an area that needs adorning, Larry and Sally have make their career out of giving you options.