HS Football Two-a-days: Houghton Lake & Roscommon

 Coaching is often known as a fraternity but a pair of football coaches in the Jack Pine are taking it a step further.

When Joe Holloway left Roscommon for Houghton Lake this offseason, the Bobcats replaced him with his brother Steve Clements.

Clements has been in the Roscommon program for the last three seasons so he doesn’t expect the coaching change to be an issue.

“Ninety-percent of our team are juniors and I coached all of those sophomores last year,” Clements said. “So the transition and familiarity with me and how we coach has really not missed a beat.”

Clements takes over a program that fell one win shy of making it back-to-back trips to the postseason.  The Bucks return some experience on the defensive side of the ball but have some graduated stars to replace on offense.

Thanks to the Holloway-Clements connection week eight will be a special game for both Roscommon and Houghton Lake.

The Bobcats are hoping Holloway can help them get their first winning season since 2010.  Houghton Lake finished last season with only one win.

The Bobcats will employ some new schemes on both sides of the ball, but their coach says the players are ready to get to work.

“They’ve really invested a lot into this offseason and when you do that it starts to show in the other things.” Holloway said.  “I think that’s maybe the biggest thing that I’ve heard from the kids, is they’re investing a little bit more than maybe they had in the past, and when you do that you really tend to want it just a little bit more.”