Representative Greg MacMaster Runs for 37th State Senate District

Running against Wayne Schmidt today for the 37th State Senate District is Representative Greg MacMaster.

MacMaster will be in Mackinaw City tonight watching the results come in.

9&10’s Alyssa Gambla is there live as we continue our team coverage in tonight’s primary elections.

Alyssa is in Mackinaw City where Representative MacMaster’s primary election party kicks off soon.

She spoke with him earlier today and he says he’s feeling confident tonight that his campaigning in Northern Michigan will pull through.

The State Representative says issues like road funding and school funding for districts in Northern Michigan are at the top of his list.

Now all that’s left to do is watch the poll numbers as they roll on in.

“We’ve has a very positive campaign. We kept the high road. We didn’t go negative. We stuck to the issues and have had great feedback from Northern Michigan.”

MacMaster is with family and friends setting up and getting ready to welcome all those that hade supported him throughout his campaign.

We’ll be here all night watching the votes as they come in.

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