Osceola County Residents Voting on EMS Millage

Polls will be closing in a couple hours and one hot item is still in the hands of voters.

Osceola County voters are deciding on a new EMS millage proposal that would help bring in more money to better their services and build a new station in Tustin.

The county is looking at a 1.33 millage for six years which would annually bring in about $900,000 more dollars.

Osceola County EMS has seen a large increase in expenses and a jump in more calls for service.

They say this millage would help.

“To keep up with the times and to provide the excellent advanced life support services that our ambulance service provides to our county, we want to be able to maintain that,” says Osceola County Commissioner Chair Larry Emig. 

The millage for the EMS department has been set at one mill since 1997.