Michigan Voters Weigh In on Proposal One

Proposal one is the only item on every ballot in the state today.

If it passes, it would remove personal property taxes for small businesses.

But some voters we spoke with say the language on the ballot is confusing.

9&10’s Cody Boyer is live in Wexford County to explain the confusion, and what proposal one would do.

In past years there have been a number of statewide proposals for voters to weigh in on.

But on this primary day, it’s just proposal one, and there’s concern that ballot language could confuse voters, and make it difficult for people to make an educated choice.

“Proposal One would essentially do two things. Number one, it gets rid of, for small businesses, the personal property tax. Number two, what it does, is it helps to stabilize and reimburse local units of government,” said Kent Wood of Traverse City Chamber of Commerce. 

While that sounds simple, the text on the ballot and, especially, the proposal itself might look a bit more complicated.

“That’s been a large source of confusion is the language that will be on the ballot. It’s the only statewide ballot that’s out there.”

To break it down, proposal one is three things.

“It’s getting rid of an uncompetitive tax, it’s reimbursing government for losing that tax, and it’s not increasing tax on anyone.”

The government would be reimbursed by way of money from expired tax credits.

While this is all written on the ballot, it’s a bit tough to make it out in all of the text.

Voter Scott Howard explains, “sometimes that type of strong language makes me inherently skeptical, personally, but I think folks need to take a hard look at the issue beyond just what the ballot proposal says.”

Election staff are asking people to head into the polls with a bit of research done.

That way they know what they are voting on.