Clerks Busy After Polls Closed

Another election day is in the books and township and county clerks put a lot of time and effort into making sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

It was a hurry up and wait scenario today as clerks waited to close the polls.

“I love it, it’s a fun day, it really is, preparation and everything,” says Lynn Nixon, Cherry Grove Township clerk.

Clerks have been preparing for this day for months, and woke up early today to make sure your voting experience went smoothly. “So really in the morning we’re stuffing the secrecy sleeves, making coffee, just getting ready for the public to come in,” says Nixon.

Cherry Grove Township says it wasn’t a very big turnout but it still kept them very busy. “So the election inspectors that are on staff have to really keep an eye to what type of ballot you have to give this elector that’s coming in. You gotta be on your toes and you gotta know what you’re doing,” says Elaine Richardson, Wexford County clerk.

Once the polls closed at 8:00 sharp, the craziness began for these workers. “At the end of the night the, you send the under card through it and then the tape comes out and gives you the results,” says Nixon.

Each poll location is responsible for printing results and concealing the ballots properly. “Your programmed cards for that machine get locked in the bag and ballots of course all get locked and sealed in a bag and checked by receiving board,” says Nixon.

Then all the sealed information gets brought to the court house and handed to the county clerk. “We start going through tabulating the election information that they brought us by loading it into a computer and tabulating it, it’s really become much easier than it was years ago,
” says Richardson. “There’s a lot of preparations, there really is, but it’s fun, it’s fun to do,” says Nixon.

The county and townships will hold onto the ballots for several months just in case of a recount.

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