One Killed, More Injured as Middle East Attacks Continue

Another promised cease fire over in just minutes in Gaza.

Palestinians say at least one child was killed, and 30 more people hurt when Israelis hit a refugee camp in Gaza.

Israel declared a seven hour humanitarian cease fire Monday morning.

But the Palestinians say this air strike came just 20 minutes after that cease fire began.

The Israeli Military says it was targeting three terrorists in the attack.

The UN is upset that Israel would possibly attack a refugee camp because they are protected under international law.

“The people of Israel can’t be waking up every day with terrorists coming in through tunnels threatening their lives and threatening the health of their people. But at the same time as they are defending themselves, there’s more that can be done to prevent attacks that are impacting civilians in Gaza,” said State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki. 

Meanwhile, Israel is investigating what it calls a terror attack in Jerusalem Monday morning when someone rammed a construction vehicle into a bus.