Meth Cleanup Underway at Cadillac House

Six months after a meth making operation was found inside a Cadillac home, a thorough cleaning is underway.

This is a story we first told you about back in January when Darrin Wright and Shannon Little were arrested for making meth at the home on Harris Street. They were renting at the time. Both were charged with several crimes including possession of meth then sentenced to two to 15 years in prison.

Mary Stark owns the rental property and is paying nearly $18,000 to clean the home.

During the cleanup, most soft goods are trashed and some hard goods are salvaged. Then the inside is cleaned with a chemical and sealed for extra protection.

The cleanup is expected to last three to four days.

Once the cleaning is complete, the home will have to be tested to make sure chemical levels are safe.

9&10’s Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jeff Blakeman spoke with the homeowner.