Investigators Allowed at MH17 Crash Site

Recovery efforts continue in Ukraine at several sites scattered with debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

International investigators are now being allowed into areas held by pro-Russian rebels.

Remains of more than 200 victims have been found, but it’s estimated up to 80 are still at the crash site.

Investigators still haven’t gotten to some areas since the plane was shot down July 17.

“We led the experts to a new site which they have not yet searched and the search was conducted all day on that site. We also went, with a small detachment, to the railway station in Torez where we emptied a railway wagon of personal belongings,” said Alexander Hug, Deputy Director of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Mission. 

Fighting between pro-Russian groups and Ukrainian forces initially slowed the recovery effort.

It’s expected to take a few more weeks to complete.