D-Day Survivor Skydives in Fundraiser Event

A Northern Michigan World War II veteran hit the skies once again to go sky-diving, all for a good cause.

Ninety-three year old Richard Grout, alongside several other jumpers, took to the skies after raising money for abandoned animals.

While Dick is a veteran, he also is a survivor of one of the bloodiest battles in history.

9&10’s Cody Boyer met up with the D-Day survivor as he made his 8,000 foot plunge.


“At 90-some years old, this is a day to remember for me as it was for him,” said Chris Huffard, who went skydiving alongside a WWII veteran out for a good cause.

For Dick Grout, helping out a local fundraiser was one way for him to remember those who served during D-Day: one of deadliest battles in history.

A battle that he took part in and survived.

“I was happy that the parachute opened,” Grout said, jokingly. “That was good.”

Dick and nine other jumpers had to earn their rides in the sky, raising money for local animals in need.

“It’s a major and only major fundraiser for Black Sheep Crossing Animal Sanctuary, which is a no-kill non profit,” said Lynne Watson, fundraiser organizer and a member of the board of directors for the sanctuary.

Each jumper raised $1,000 for the cause.

While he, too, donated to the cause, Dick’s jump meant even more to the 93-year-old D-Day survivor.

“Well, getting along in years, I thought it would be not for much longer until I would do this and get it over with,” Grout said, again jokingly. “It was kind of fun.”

Dick served alongside hundreds of other soldiers who jumped into the sky for an entirely different reason.

“I knew a lot of veterans who came in on D-Day, for example, and they came in this way except they were not in friendly territory,” Grout said. “I thought I’d like to experience that way same way they did.”

Today, no one was shooting up at him except with cameras and admiration.

“Truly, the honor today was to jump with Dick Grout which really, to me, it’s just a lot of being the gentlemen that served our country so well and has done so many wonderful things in his life,” Huffard said.

According to Dick Grout, this first jump was not his last.

He is already planning on doing it all again next year.