Peace Festival Makes Debut in Roscommon County

While one big party continues in Roscommon County, another festival started off for the very first time with a different message in mind: world peace.

The first annual Roscommon Peace Festival debuted earlier today at the Markey Baptist Church, featuring the installation of a new “Peace Pole” and many activities for people of all ages.

The festival opened its doors to at more than 50 participants.

The event celebrates global peacekeeping efforts both by church members and others working around the world.

“I want people to know that they have value and worth within them,” said Kathleen Murphy, organizer and executive director of the Peace Festival.  “They have a potential to make a difference. They can find their voice. They can be part of creating something that is bigger and better than maybe they’ve dared to dream.”

The Peace Pole installed during the festival is one of several placed around the world, including at locations like the Vatican.