Law Enforcement Gearing up For Busy Bud Bash Weekend

One of the largest boating events in Northern Michigan is happening this weekend and police are ready for a busy weekend.

Even though Bud Bash starts tomorrow, many boaters are already in town for the crazy party on the water.

Bud Bash is held on Houghton Lake in Roscommon County, and draws thousands every summer.

“If you’re going to indulge in alcohol, just remember to don’t drink and drive,” says F/Lt. Glenn Gutierrez, Department of Natural Resources.

Bud Bash has been going on for years, and seems to be growing in size. “We’re still out numbered by the number of tourists that show up so it’s very important to have a plan, everybody work together and keep things flowing smoothly,” says Lt. Gutierrez.

As thousands of tourists make their way to Houghton Lake, several agencies are on the lookout for law breakers. “We put on more patrols, we invite the Hometown Security Team into town for that, also the Fugitive Team and STING, the drug team will be in town tomorrow,” says Sgt. William Tyrrell, Michigan State Police Houghton Lake Post.

Because of the large number of arrests happening this weekend, they set up a temporary booking station at the Michigan State Police post where more than 100 people will be processed. “The game plan during Bud Bash weekend is to remove them from the party, bring them here, they can bond out from here and then we ask them not to go back to the party,” says Sgt. Tyrrell.

Many of the arrests they make are alcohol or drug related. Even though their number one goal is safety, they say they still want everyone to have fun. “We’re not just there to arrest people because we can or because we should, we’re trying to keep everyone safe,” says Sgt. Tyrrell.