Lt. Governor Visits Cheboygan for Economic Roundtable Discussion

A gathering of local leaders- all to discuss one city’s blossoming economy.

The roundtable discussion not only looked at what the community has overcome, but what the future holds. 

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley joined the conversation in Cheboygan this afternoon.

“It just speaks to the perseverance of the people involved in the economic development group– people want to see Cheboygan succeed,” said Richard B. Sangster, the mayor of Cheboygan. 

Cheboygan’s business leaders and politicians were joined by Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley and LARA director, Steve Arwood, to discuss how their city can succeed even more. 

“It was a great discussion about where we’ve been, types of improvements that we’ve seen, the changes in policy over the last few years but then also focus on the future. Where do we need to go from here?” stated the Lieutenant Governor.

The Pure Michigan campaign helped Cheboygan revitalize their tourism industry. 

“It has made a particularly important impact right here and recently there has been a partnership between the state and locals on promotion on this area and it has paid huge dividends.”

And they’ve made big strides when it comes to jobs as well. 

“Very impressed to hear about the work that is being done to help people gain skills that are required in the local economy,” said Lieutenant Governor Calley. 

The overall consensus is there is certainly a new attitude when it comes to Cheboygan, but the hard work isn’t quite done yet.

“We need families to be able to stay here, and job creation is first and foremost to do that, that is the way to ensure a very active and culturally diverse community,” says Sangster.