Fighting Between Gaza, Israel Continues, Death Toll Climbs

The Israeli military is calling up 16,000 more reservists adding up to 86,000 soldiers during the three week conflict.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says with, or without a cease-fire, the military will continue to find and destroy Hamas tunnels.

Hamas says more than 1,300 people have been killed in Gaza during the recent violence, many of them children.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon blasted Israel for “pummeling” Gazans with “indiscriminate destruction.”

16-year-old Farah Baker lives in Gaza and described her worst night.

“The only light we could see was the flairs, and the only sounds we could hear was ambulances, fire engines, F-16s, rockets falling. They were falling like heavy rain. That was the most awful night really. I was kind of sure I would die.”

The UN Secretary General is calling for an immediate cease-fire.