Traverse City Film Festival Bringing More Business In

Downtown Traverse City businesses are seeing a lot more customers, thanks to another big event.

The foot traffic from the Traverse City Film Festival is the reason for the sales going up, especially for businesses right around the State Theatre.

“Its been a decent crowd, I think this years Film Festival is a lot busier,” said Lauren Perez, Sales Associate at Peppercorn.

That’s the reason downtown businesses seem busier than usual, especially those on Front St. near the heart of the Film Festival.

“You look outside the window and you see all the lines at the State Theatre and they got the venue down the street and you see people come in all the time,” said Perez.

“It’s normally post movie customers because they’re more relaxed, they don’t have to get to a movie so they don’t feel rushed on time,” said Mary Garner, Sales Associate at Haystacks.

With the location of the store being right across from the State Theatre, it brings a lot more people in than other parts of downtown, which means a little extra help is needed this week.

“We have more girls on than we normally would, probably about two to three extra girls per day,” said Garner.

Whether customers are buying things or just walking in and browsing, they need to make sure their employees are ready.

“Making sure they’re all trained and kinda ready to hit those rushes, because there’s always the big group of families coming in for ice cream and they’ve got to scoop them all at once,” said Perez.

Also, stores are making sure the Film Festival goers can see what they have to offer when they’re walking by.

“We got the sidewalk chalk showing we got Moomers ice cream and everybody’s curious on trying the ice cream that won nations best, so they come in and try some,” said Perez.

Which gets customers looking around and buying things, raising sales on even a Wednesday night during the Film Festival.

Click here for more information on the Traverse City Film Festival and the schedule for this week.