Lost Ring Returned To Marine Veteran

A northern Michigan veteran ran into some good luck after losing something precious to him: his U.S. Marine Corps ring.

It turns out the ring showed up at a Kingsley grocery store bottle return in Grand Traverse County.

9&10’s Cody Boyer met with the veteran to see how the ring made its way back to it’s rightful owner.

“It’s a memento you buy for yourself and it kind of says who you are and people will look at it,” said John Paspjerg.

To John Paspjerg, the former Marine Corps radio operator lost a very special memento, a ring he bought back when he first joined the Corps.

Twenty-seven years later, a hospital visit almost parted them forever.

“I had made a visit up to Munson Hospital for about seven days,” Paspjerg said. “When we got home, [I] took all my stuff out of the bag. I guess not all of it, though.”

He didn’t see the military ring was not in the bag, a bag his daughter used to return cans to the Northland Food Store bottle return.

Fortunately for John, a good samaritan got to it and put the ring’s description online.

“Sitting on the couch last night, my wife saw it on Facebook,” Paspjerg said. “She asked me, ‘Does this look familiar to you?'”

“I was looking at it and I’m like, ‘did he lose his ring?’ because I hadn’t seen him wear it for a while and he usually always wears it,” added his wife, Leila Paspjerg.

For John’s wife, the return of the ring means just as much if not more than it does to John.

“When you are a spouse in the military, that’s the only thing that you kind of have is something of their’s because they are not there,” Leila Paspjerg said. “Just something to hold onto.”

“It’s just something..it’s part of you,” John said. “It’s an old friend. And it’s nice to see old friends.”