Cheboygan Police Investigating Restaurant Break-In

Police are searching for whoever broke into Great Lakes Grill in Cheboygan, and took off with items not usually targeted by thieves.

“The odd thing  is what they took it made no sense they were either in a hurry and grabbing and going.”

Thousands of dollars worth of items stolen from Great Lakes Grill.

But cash was the last thing on the burglars mind.

“It was weird they took the bottles in the well that were open…right behind you is 6 shelves of unopened liquor untouched. They took dishes, pots and pans, giant kitchen size you can’t possibly use at home .”

Burglars also helped themselves to a meal during the break in.

“In the dessert cooler they took carrot cake, peanut butter chocolate brownies but left meringue and apple pie… they found a piece of perch and bacon half eaten out the window like they were gnawing on it while taking stuff out.”

“WhatWhat’sng through their minds? Steaks are expensive. Nothing that’s gonna last forever. Liquor will be gone, food gone. What was the sense?”

If you have any information about this break-in, please contact the Cheboygan Department of Public Safety at 231-627-4321 or Crime Stoppers Alliance at 800-773-2287. There is a cash reward up to $1,000 for any tip leading to an arrest.