Puppies Abandoned and Saved Along Northern Michigan Highway

Four malnourished puppies abandoned on the side of the road now have a second chance at life.

Osceola County Animal Control is caring for the 3-week-old puppies who are not in good shape.

The four puppies were picked up in a laundry basket off of Business Route 10 in Reed City around noon.

A man rescued the dogs after seeing someone abandon them.

“I’ve never seen puppies come in in this horrible of condition and this young,” says Michelle Kuz, director of the Osceola County Animal Control.

The four puppies are struggling to survive. 

“There were 4 little tiny babies probably only about 3-weeks-old, just getting their teeth, very emaciated, very dehydrated and covered in their own filth,” says Kuz.

A guardian angel named Joseph swooped in just in time to give these puppies a fighting chance. 

“Joseph saw a blue pick-up, I believe it was a Dodge, parked on the side of the road, and he saw somebody get something out of like the passenger seat and drop it, and then he stopped and that’s where the four puppies were left,” says Kuz.

Osceola County Animal Control is frustrated that the man didn’t go just an extra few blocks to drop them off safely at their location. 

“We don’t know what happened to the mother dog. We’re just grateful that they did land in our care, so we can try to help them get healthy and get the help that they need,” says Kuz.

The puppies are barely eating and the shelter is concerned they may not make it. 

“They all got a bath, they’ve been eating some baby food, we’re obviously going to be running out of baby food shortly and we’ve been getting them nice and warm and trying to keep them safe,” says Kuz.

As the shelter prays these puppies survive, they just hope the community helps figure out whoever did this. 

“We don’t know what the circumstances were that led somebody to do such a horrible act, but we’re so glad that Joseph was able to stop and keep them safe,” says Kuz.

The person in the blue Dodge truck dumped the animals on Business Route 10 and US 10 near the LC Redi Mix company.

If you have any information on who could have done this, contact police.