Film Festival Tickets Selling Out

Thousands of tickets are already sold for this year’s Film Festival.

Tickets went on sale more than two weeks ago.

In that short time, more than 60,000 have been sold.

“The remarkable thing is you can come in as late and get tickets,” said Ron Sinclair, festival goer.

Tuesday afternoon, the Film Festival Ticket Box Office was packed with festival goers trying to get tickets for their favorite film.

“I had seven on my list for Friday in hopes of getting three. I did get three, one was my first choice and one was my second choice,” said Sinclair.

“We’re really excited about ticket sales this year,” said Linda Koebert, Ticket Box Office Manager. “We knew the 10th year would be big, but it’s turning out to be huge.”

If your favorite movie is already sold out, don’t give up.

“I’ve stood in lines in previous year and just waited for someone to have a ticket to sell,” said Sinclair. “People are so gracious when someone can’t show. One year, I obtained three free tickets.”

And festival managers say there are other ways to get that ticket too.

“One is to go to our ticket swap, which is on our website. It’s like Craigslist sort of thing, people will post tickets that they have,” said Sinclair. “The other thing is the stand in the standby line, which almost always works.

Tickets can still be purchased online, at the venue or the box office.

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