Venues Prepare For 10th Annual Film Festival

Preparations are underway for another big Traverse City event, the Film Festival.

Festival venues have been setting up since last week, but there is still a lot of work to be done before the 10th annual festival opens on Tuesday.

The Inside Out Gallery is showing free films for the first time this year.

Venue managers said it’s been a lot of work, but they can’t wait to open their doors.

“It’s been really busy. We’ve been working a long time,” said Brittany Merenda, Inside Out Gallery Venue Manager.

On Monday, the Inside Out Gallery was a whole different scene.

“We all pitched in, cleaned up the whole space, got all the chairs and the tables and lights down,” said Merenda.

“We have piped and draped the entire space, so that includes all the walls, behind the screen and setting up the screen,” said Merenda.

It’s not just new venues staying busy.

Moving trucks were lined up outside of the State Theatre as last minute equipment was delivered.

“We have some sound equipment that is coming in for the festival. We are also getting some extra chairs for our volunteers,” said David Poinsett, State Theatre Venue Manager.

And nearby restaurants are getting ready for one of their busiest weeks of the year.

“We order more food, prepare more food and the staff is prepared for it too,” said David Denison, Amical Owner.  “The staff is used to having a little more flexible before lunch and dinner and in this case we are busy almost all the way through.”

Despite the workload, everyone is looking forward to this weeks festivities.

“I get so excited for Film Festival every year, it’s just such an important part of our community and it’s so much fun,” said Poinsett.

The Film Festival kicks off Tuesday night.

9&10 News will have continuing coverage all week.