Two Teens Caught After Stealing from Boats at Leland Marina

Ten boats broken into and items stolen, all within 48 hours.

Two teenagers may now face charges for the crime.

Deputies in Leelanau County were called to the Leland Marina around 2:45 Sunday morning on reports that two young men were seen breaking into a boat and then running off.

One of the boys jumped into the water, and  was not seen afterward. That launched a water search by the Coast Guard.

Tennis shoes and a sweatshirt were later found floating in the water. A few hours later, deputies received word that the teen got out of the water and went to a friend’s house.

While an adult was taking him home, they noticed the emergency personnel at the marina.

That’s when they notified police that both teens were safe.

Most of the items taken from the boats were returned.

The 15 and 16-year-olds were left in custody of their parents.

The prosecutor is now reviewing possible charges.