Newborn Abandoned Along Roadside Near White Cloud

A man walking down a Newaygo County street found something unexpected today. 

Police say a newborn baby girl, not even 6-hours-old, was abandoned near Diamond Lake north of White Cloud. 

The man who found her was walking his dog down West Marion Street. The dog pulled him in he direction of a satellite dish and found the baby. At first he thought the child was dead, but when he returned with blankets, he picked her up and she was alive. 

The infant was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. 

Police later found the mother and brought her to the hospital. They say she is expected to be okay, as well. 

Police are continuing to investigate this case.

There is a Safe Haven law in Michigan where you can leave a newborn, up to 3 days old, with a staff member at any hospital, fire station, police station or emergency service station. For more details on Michigan’s Safe Haven law, click here.

9&10’s Eric Lloyd spoke to the man who found the baby and his daughter and has more details on his life saving discovery.