National Cherry Festival Hits Record Breaking Numbers This Year

Just as The Film Festival gets underway, The National Cherry Festival numbers for 2014 are now in and breaking records.

About 2,100 volunteers helped to make it the most successful year yet.

The festival brought in nearly 500,000 people on opening weekend and the 10 day long festival had a revenue of about 2.3 million dollars.

Directors of The National Cherry Festival couldn’t be happier with the results, and are already thinking of ways to make the festival even better next year.

“Anything we can do to increase the entertainment value, or just give more families opportunities to have fun all eight days that their here in Traverse City with us, we’ll push to do that year over year,” said Trevor Tkach, Executive Director of The National Cherry Festival.

Directors think a lot of healthy lifestyle activities brought in the crowds this year, like the new half marathon, and re-introduction of the 10K.

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