Black Box Data Indicates Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Hit with Missile

New answers are now coming out about what brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 thanks to the plane’s black boxes.

The boxes are now in the hands of investigators.

They say data is consistent with the plane’s fuel tank being hit multiple times with shrapnel from a missile.

Fighting between Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces has stopped near the wreckage site as outside investigators comb through the debris.

Australia decided to send some of their own to help Dutch investigators at the site.

“This is a risky mission, no doubt about that. But all the professional advice I have is that the safest way to conduct it is unarmed, as part of a police-led humanitarian mission,” said Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

Saturday, two military cargo planes landed in the Netherlands with 227 bodies on board, the last of the victims from Flight 17.